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Over 90 years ago, in a small town in Holland, a leather craftsman set out on a journey that would eventually lead him to create one of the most iconic satchels in the world. Today, the Professor satchel I carries on that legacy, featuring a robust vegetable-tanned oiled leather construction that is cut and crafted using techniques pioneered by Jacob de Ruiter.

The leather’s deep and natural color is achieved through a unique tanning process that involves the interaction of the hide with mimosa, quebracho, and chestnut barks. As the satchel ages, it will develop a beautiful and unique patina that adds to its character.

The back and front flap of the satchel are made from a single piece of hide to minimize weak points, and heavy-gauge nylon thread is used for long-term durability. The satchel also features heavy-duty push locks that are hidden behind adjustable buckles.

The capacious single compartment is unlined, and there are convenient front pockets to help organize your essentials. The divider zippered pocket is a great place to store a tablet, or loose documents. Attach the matching leather shoulder strap for a comfortable daily commute.

The Professor satchel embodies the warm character of a classic Ruitertassen heritage bag.

You can personalise your leather satchel with your name, personal motto or a logo to make it completely unique.


♥ The Professor Satchel is part of the HERITAGE collection.


  • Weight : 3.7 lb
  • Exterior : 15 x 11 x 3.1 in
  • Main compartment : 13.8 x 9.2 x 2.8 in
  • Zippered pockets : 12.6 inches long
  • External pockets : 6.3 x 7.8 x 1.2 in
  • Model ID code: 732131

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