Red strap / $35.00

Red leather adjustable shoulder strap for Heritage satchels.
Measuring 1.18″ wide, it is compatible with all the Heritage satchels, and also the Briefmaster.
The Heritage strap is cut from our vegetable-tanned red leather, making it durable and comfortable as it breaks in. Unlike chrome-tanned leather, it is 100% free of chrome residues.

Replace your old leather strap if it is too worn out, stretched or if you purchased a second-hand Ruitertassen satchel without the original strap.

Some of our satchels ship with a special shoulder strap, made from coton canvas and leather. You can purchase this leather strap to replace it if you prefer a 100% leather look.


  • Width: 1.18 in
  • Maximum length: around 54 inches
  • Minimum length: around 46.5 inches
  • Material: Full-grain red leather – natural tannins.
  • Model ID code: 159013

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