Trolley adapter / $39.00

A clever accessory to make your briefcase trolley compatible.
You can now have the best of both worlds. A timeless leather briefcase, that you can hook onto a modern telescopic handle.
As long as your satchel or briefcase has a traditional top handle, you will be able to fit the Trolley Adapter.

We’ve designed this accessory in-house, following many requests. It works with any bag, but it visually matches the vintage bags from the Ruitertassen Heritage range. Made from the same high-quality materials to ensure great durability.


It’s easy to install too:
Each strap is to be fitted to either side of your bag’s top handle, independently first.
Get the metal hook under the handle and thread the leather end through it, above the handle. Pull all the way.
Once each strap is fitted, lock them together with the two metal pins.
You can now use the elasticity of the Trolley Adapter to hook your bag on your traveling luggage.


  • Leather: full grain / 100% vegetable-tanned.
  • Model ID code: 0033

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