Admiral desk mat / $239.00

The Admiral desk mat is a unique writing accessory for your desk.
It’s cut from two distinct leathers that are both full-grain, and 100% vegetable-tanned – meaning it’s a luxurious reversible writing mat.
This beautiful mat gives you a chance to enjoy two of the finest leathers Belgium has to offer, and to match it to your desk.
Beyond each side’s contrasted colour, each surface offers a slightly different feel.
The light-coloured calfskin side is incredibly soft, while the darker cognac surface is gently textured.
Both sides of the mat offer a smooth and functional workspace to rest your hands, or use a computer mouse.
These leathers are optimum for optical and laser gaming mice, providing low friction and precise tracking.

If you’re writing by hand, the Admiral mat provides just the right amount of resistance against your pen.
The hand-finished dark edges exude superior quality.
Each side of the mat will develop an authentic patina through wear and use.

Enjoy it for a lifetime, then let the next generation inherit this heirloom-quality piece.

You can personalise your leather desk mat with your name, monogram or even a logo, to make it completely unique.


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  • Dimensions : 24 x 15 x 0.12 inches
  • Model ID code: 300024

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