Scandi desk mat / $110.00

The Scandi desk mat is handcrafted with our thick Belgian tan leather. This full-grain leather is vegetable-tanned, and 100% chrome-free.
Weeks spent interacting with barks in old wooden drum explains this smooth natural shade. Since your skin, and some of your favourite accessories will spent a lot of time on this leather, these rare features will be particularly valuable.

Cut from one single, large piece of hide, this is an outstanding artisanal accessory. The smooth and functional workspace is perfect for handwriting, providing just the right amount of resistance against your pen. This desk mat is also optimum for optical and laser gaming mice, with low friction and precise tracking.

The light-coloured, hand-painted edges give it a delicate, minimalist finish. The mat will look stunning on darker woods or industrial materials.
With time and use, the Scandi desk mat will develop a unique and beautiful honey patina.
Enjoy it for a lifetime.

You can personalise your leather desk mat with your name, monogram or even a logo, to make it completely unique.


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  • Dimensions : 24 x 15 x 0.12 inches
  • Model ID code: 100024

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